Project ’46 20mm wippery – 1

A bit of a fill in post to break the monotony of all the 1/35th kit progress posts. Dug around in whats left of my storage drive and found a few pics of some of our 20mm projects, there’s even a few Brit suijects in there!


8.8cm FlakZwilling on a Ferdinand chassis.

British 5.5inch SPG on modified Cromwell chassis with Stalwart load carrier.

Tiger “Bruckenlager” bridgelayer. A complete faff up and I’m going to build another. Assembled the lower hull when I was really sick and managed to get the track guild links on the outside of the roadwheels ….

US Superheavys, Boarhound, Black Prince and ’46 Shermans …

British and German battlegroups ….


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