Project ’46 Spade Ace Models Panzer III/IV Ostketten workable metal tracks – 2

Well things went a little better today. As I’m still waiting for my varnish to arrive I thought I would press on and finish the tracks while there was still some amusment left in the assembly job. The good news is it went a little faster today, probably about 5 hours, and I didn’t cut myself once. However I did find that stabbing yourself with the track-pin wire while assembling the links was almost as painful. No I lie – much more painful. When I stabbed one of the places I cut last night ….. it quickly bought on a little moment of quiet instrospection, followed by a long session where I babbled incoherently inventing new words until the pain subsided enough to swear in a manly fashion.

So tracks are done and dusted, might have to remove a link from the RHS but apart from that they look damn good I think …..



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