Project ’46 Background – 1

Thought the blog might be a good place to try and keep some of the background and ideas behind our Project’46 stuff in the same place as the models. Below are a couple of design briefs I put together some time ago to provide a framework for some of the modelling and our gaming.

We roughly planned for four classes of vehicles which would be allocated to different arms-of-service dependant on battlefield role.

1) The Infantry would convert all motorised units to semi-tracked to improve battlefield mobility and were to replace their 4×2 and 4×4 trucks with the SdKfz251 family of half-tracked vehciles.

2) The Fallschirmjager and Heer Jager units would recieve the family of air-transportable light armoured vehicles based on the excellent Panzer 38(t) chassis.

3) The armored reconnaissance corps or Panzeraufklärungstruppe would recieve addional vehicles based on, and to compliment, the existing 234 8rad chassis. The corps would recieve fully eclosed infantry transport and support vehicles fully based on a unifed chassis, both simplifying maintenance and improving capability.

4) Finally the Panzergrenadiers would recieve a family of fully tracked and enclosed APCs based on the PzIII/IV “Hummel” chassis. These vehicles would finally provide the service with the capability to keep up with the Panzers under cross country conditions and provide superior overhead protection for the troops and weapons systems.



4 comments on “Project ’46 Background – 1

  1. These are all great designs, but not sure about the Sdkfz 350/5, is it an APC with a PzIV turret? or a tank? if its a tank, I think the profile is to high, it looks higher then a Pz IV, why would they totally re design the PzIV ? it was already a pretty efficient design.

  2. Hey matey …. it’s not intended as a tank, rather as mobile antitank based in the Panzergrenadier heavy support companies. Think 251/22 or 234/4. PzIV’s are surplus at this stage, the Panther II being the standard medium battletank, so the turrets are readily available for use in emplacements or in this case as a “drop-in” conversion.

    So I think It fits with-in the premise that in the new Panzergrenadier units they are attempting to provide most weapons systems with overhead cover and it would be an improvement in mobile operations over an SP Panzerjager as the weapon is in a rotating turret ….

    That was sort of my convoluted thinking anyway : )

  3. No, I think that idea works, and is a good one, have you though of casting the basic hull designs, rather build each one from scratch, I would be interested in buying some of you if you did, 1/72nd not 1/35 of course.

    • We’ve talked it over a while back, maybe talking to Gordon (Cromwell) or something as he’s interested in x-tanks anyway and has the ability, I couldn’t cast a fishing line let alone anything detailed in resin.

      And yeah, in 72nd, that’s our gaming scale. The 35th stuff I’m doing is purely for fun …..

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