Project ’46 1/35th SdKfz350/3 3cm M.K.103 Zwilling FSV – 3

Did a little more work on my project today. Managed to get most of the new superstructure sorted. I roughed up the edges to look flame cut, my rational being the FSV is a conversion of a standard ‘350 along similar lines to the Luftwaffe field fitted “Rüstsatz” modifcation packs with the plating being scrounged from varying sources and retrofitted at Corps level workshops.

I also wanted the turret to be raised slightly above the roofline to improve the ability to engaged ground targets as the system is envisaged as fufilling a dual Ground/AA role, so I abandoned the idea of using the PzIV upper hull and turret ring. I made an upstand for it by cutting up an acrylic jar but at the moment I’m undecided whether to leave it at this height or raise it a 3 or 4 more mm.

So next it’s the rear plate and access door and then waiting for the tracks. All the extra fittings and bits n pieces have to wait until the tracks are fully fitted and most of the rough handling is completed. I havent been glued the rear idlers yet so I can vary their position to get the correct track fit and sag ……



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