3rd Hussars – Dragon 1/72nd Sherman MkIIIs

Another set of oldies, Dragon Sherman IIIs and Esci Bishops. I’m contemplating blashpemhy and thinkng and Desert gaming when the Perry’s 28mm Desert range of figs’ comes out and using Tamiya 1/48th vehicles. So this desert goodness is just a little something to get my interest up ….



7 comments on “3rd Hussars – Dragon 1/72nd Sherman MkIIIs

    • Thnx matey. As to the camo, not sure. Probably a few that shipped straight from Egypt, Best to ask on Missing-Lynx. I’d use em for wargaming without hesitation but it always pays to “know” the real answer for when you’re ambushed by a rivet man! : ))))

  1. Been poking around here for a few days to try and decide if I want to go 1/72 or wait until 1/48 matures a bit more. Really leaning towards 1/72 after seeing what you can do with it! These Shermans look awesome! Would you be kind enough to describe how you finished them and which paints you used?

    • Hi David, no probs although I might answer via email if that’s ok … I have a couple of wip pics I can send through which might give you a better idea of how I blend and shade …. I can’t give you an out-of-the-pot answer for the paint however as I mix my own shades as needed using GW acyrlics.


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