20mm D-Day Funnies, 79th Armd Division Sherman Crab and Churchill Crocodiles

A pic break is needed I think from all that stressful 1/35th wip. So here’s a bit of past 20mm commission wargaming armour, a Sherman Crab, Churchill Crocodiles and a Petard armed Churchill AVRE, all Milicast resin kits. The Crab has PE flails, AB crewman (actually a Russian but he makes a great British looking officer) and added stowage. The Crocodile fuel trailers were fitted with brass rod so they can be removed and the Churchills used as gun tanks. As usual, all were brush painted with GW acrylics and weathered with home made pigments. Decals are from various bison sets.



10 comments on “20mm D-Day Funnies, 79th Armd Division Sherman Crab and Churchill Crocodiles

  1. Hi Brent, these are incredible, you say these are brush painted with GW? what colour did you use for the green? I find it hard to get good military colours out of GW, but I must admit I haven’t looked at their new range, you must be more creative with colours than me.

    • Hey matey, all my German stuff is GW as well, apart from the initial basecoat which is Humbrol 83 enamel.

      For the British it’s a mixed colour. I pretty much went to GW paints many years ago because we have a local shop where its readily available and I had to order in Vallejo which was a pain in the ass. Plus I was painting a lot of the day and the enamel and thinner fumes were getting a bit too much.

      Anyway, it’s Catachen Green with Sunburst Yellow added to taste. No strict proportions I just mix up a whole pot and keep adjusting until it’s correct on a test piece. Sometimes I add a little Desert Yellow too. For my ’46 British I wanted something closer to the British Bronze green so I add blue and purple to that.

      And sorry, I’ve got no idea what the new colours matches would be. I’m dreading having to go to them as I’ve been told the shades are a bit different and they react badly to my thinner of choice – Tamiya XF20A.


  2. Brent,
    As I recall, you did a quartet for Churchills for me. I had forgotten about them and may have some photos of them to share. I think they were Airfix (gasp!) and Matchbox. Anyway, I’ll see if I have some photos you took of them.

    Most of my British were made by Monica (Pietro) Bello, who also does lovely work.

    All the best,


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