Project ’46 1/35th SdKfz350/3 3cm M.K. 103 Zwilling FSV – 1

Well the title says it all, sheesh! Anyway did a little work on my 1/35th project for the first time tonight, assembling the Kugelblitz turret that will eventually be mounted on the converted Hummel hull. Looking at the kit I decided that I might as well build the whole thing as the turret should be interchangable for display, unless I have to butcher the PzIV hull for the turret ring. Undecided yet and will have another look in the light of day.

Anyway it went together easy enough, although the gun barrel assembly was a bit naff and required very careful clean up. There’s quite a few large moulding ejector pin sink holes, in the hatches especially which will require filling. Oddly we complain about ejector pin marks on braille kits but these are larger and placed where they cant be avoided – dumb. Speaking of hatches, I’ve left the top hatch open for now. I’m thinking a crewman might look good in it, but I want to look at it again once the whole vehicle is assembled.


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