20mm German Mixed Battlegroup

A little more 20mm “from the past”. A mix of several manufacturers, Revell PzIVs, Hasegawa JadgpanzerIV and Ostwind, and Dragon 251s. I’ve included a couple of wip pics (thnx George) which gives some idea of how basic things look before the weathering and blending process ……



4 comments on “20mm German Mixed Battlegroup

    • Hey matey, nah I don’t gloss coat at any stage, it adds another complication imo and it’s just another chance for something to go wrong. If I decal I may paint a gloss section underneath it to help adhesion but that’s about it.

      Flick me an email if you want to chat a bit more about it …..

  1. Ah, my pride(s) and joy. They are a little bit dustier today, but look much the same. Some participated in a Historicon battle of the bulge scenario a few years back (and won). Thanks very much for posting these photos.
    – George

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