1/48th Hobbyboss Shermans -2

A bit more wip progress on the late 1/48th Shermans. Assembling them as a batch helped a little as the bogey assembling and hull joints got a little better with each one. I can’t say the same about the turret mantlet fit though, not easily noticable unless you know what to look for but that sort of thing pisses me off as I know it should/could have been better.

These will sit to one side for a while as I’m waiting for 2 more stowage sets to arrive and I also have to order some crew figures. There should be a nice bit of variation in them as unit though, as there’s three different bogey wheel types used and two different turret/gun combinations across the two hull types. The stowage sets for them are all different too …..



2 comments on “1/48th Hobbyboss Shermans -2

    • Heheheee, yeah I resisted doing the whole company at once …. it was very, very difficult …. seriously though I did pick up a very cheap Tamiya M10 to go with them today at the LHS while I was ordering some varnish …., 2nd hand, opened box, some parts loose but unassembled for $10 !

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