20mm Panzer Aufklärungs-Abteilung SdKfz 234’s

A few finished pics are needed I think to balance out the recent wip postings. So here’s another completed commission, a generic Heer late war recce group. Hasegawa 1/72md 234/1 and 3’s and a kitbashed Esci 250/3 with AB crews. The 234’s are all OOB and the 250 has Fujimi 251 front wheels and Hasegawa 251 tracks.

I just love this unit. I don’t often get the chance to fit crews in everything from scratch and the whole thing just works for me. If I was doing “standard” WW2 in 20mm instead of ’46 I’d like to make a similar unit for myself, with a few more of the tricks I’ve learnt since completeing these of course ….. ; ))))



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