Project ’46 1/35th SdKfz350/3 3cm M.K. 103 Zwilling FSV

Soooooooo, the 1/35th trinkets in the newly arrived box are for my first decent true-modelling large scale project in ages. I don’t think I’ve made or painted a 1/35th kit for over 25 years, (insert shocked look here). But I’ve been wanting to try and replicate some of my 20mm Project ’46 stuff in large scale as a project for a long time. Hopefully it’s an opportunity to go to town with extras and goodies and also to try out my finishing process on a bigger kit. As some of you may know I brush paint everything and I’ve been told that won’t work in 1/35th, so we’ll have to see.

Anyway here’s most of the components, a Hummel for the chassis/lower hull, a PzIV Kugelblitz for the turret, an M113 for rear doors and some of the upper hull hatches and an infra-red vision kit. I’ve also got a couple of Alpine crew figures – see the early workbench wip post. Still got some things to pick up yet but it won’t stop me starting. I’d like to fit it with steel road wheels so I might have to try and beg those of someone who has some spare and I’m toying with the idea of metal tracks, maybe even Ostketten to help with the flotation under the extra weight of the turret.


And here’s what I intend to build with all that goodness …..


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