Project ’46

I was having a bath time Epiphany (actually more like wallowing in a drunken stupor) some time back and came to the realisation that I’m much more of a modeller than a gamer. And as I paint for other people, trying to collect and game similar things just wasn’t working for me.

What to do ………..

Well the next day, and with the help of a coffee laced cup of sugar and an HP sauce and bacon sarney, project ’46 was born. I scoured my aging kit collection and cooked up a PzIVF based on an old 1:76th Fujimi IVJ. Suddenly modelling was interesting for me as I could work on something that was for me alone and no one else would have.

Since those days experimental “what-if” kits have almost become common with many manufacturers having offerings in several different scales. As 20mm is my collecting and gaming scale of choice for WW2 my Project ’46 collection now includes kits from Cromwell, Milicast and Dragon alongside my own conversions …..



2 comments on “Project ’46

  1. Don’t know if you remember me – Jon in London – you did me some lovely AFV’s a while back.
    Are you again taking commission work ?
    Great to see you back.
    I am wondering what can be done with some of the Dust models for a kind of 1946 setting – using maybe Tamiya 1/48’s if they fit along with re-paints of some of the better Dust figures.
    Good to see you back.
    Inspirational work

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