Current Wippery

Some stuff on the workbench at present …….  first up is a pair of 1/48th Tamiya Stugs. OOB except for some polyfilla “concrete” add-on armour and a set of Blackdog stowage.

Next is a Dark Angles Razorback support tank from GW. I modified a few things on this. Changed the front armour and drivers visor and made the twin linked bolters look more like a modern integrated weapons mount by adding a searchlight and missile launcher.

A Deathwing Landraider from GW is next up, this will be my first landraider so here’s hoping it goes gently on me ….. It’s followed by a 5-pk of GW assault terminators and these will end up in my “For Sale” room once completed.

Ooooooo ….. 2 secret projects hiding way down here. A pair of 1/35th tank crew from Alpine who are waiting for the kits to make up into their ride to arrive in the post from Hobbyeasy. The last is even too secret to hint at. A cookie and pint of Emersons for anyone who knows what it is ……



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