Yet another blog ………

Welcome to the House of Queeg.  A place for my projects and ideas to live and be shared.

I’ve recently returned to the hobby, and to doing commission work, after a long break for health reasons.

So what do I do? Well, I paint and model, specialising in 20mm and 1/48th with the aim of bringing showcase quality vehicles to the wargaming table, and it’s pleasing to see many of the techniques I introduced into small AFV finishing being used by other wargaming painters. In addition I also occasionally paint Napoleonics, Planes and Sci-fi/40k.

Finally I’m hoping this will also be a place to ramble about projects and cunning plans shared with my brother, he supplies the “cunning” and I the “project” parts of the partnership, well that’s my story anyway.

As I learn the tools available here I hope to categorise my projects for better viewing and soon add a “for sale” section …..

Anyway, enough blathering, I’m off to organise my first posts.

Happy glueing everyone …..

Please contact me with comments or commission/sale inquiries at


5 comments on “Yet another blog ………

  1. Ah, Mr Greater Queeg. I’m here to claim my prize as the poster of the first real comment by a real person on this mighty fine blog of yours.

    Carry on with the fine work.

    von Peter himself

    • Hey Nick,

      Answered your email, also sent you a different email address to respond to as I’ve been having a few problems connecting to Outlook since getting a new PC …..


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